26 mar. 2012

Interview with Luna Solana

( Click on  the polaroids to see her book )

Q : Luna, could you tell us a bit more about yourself  ?

Luna : I'm 16 years old, and I live in Zaragoza.
Ive been scouted by an Elite agent and that’s how is started …. Since then im building my book and confidence to be ready to work here and out there !!

 Q : Are you studying ? Did you plan to study at university ?

Luna : Yes, I'm studying. Studies are important for me , and I would love to be a professor in a university or study journalism.

Q : You are ambitious ! What are your hobbies ?

Luna : I love hanging out with my friends and read books. I'm naturally attracted by fashion, and a fan of Armani and Marc Jacobs as designers. I also love the photographer Steven Meisel , he always does amazing works. I love photography , I have a collection of 50`s actors pictures' ... And I love my dog Lila, a labrador.

Q : Who is your favorite model ?

Luna : Gisele Bündchen. She is beautiful , graceful .. And was a Victoria's Secret's Angel ! She is amazing.

Q : What is your biggest dream ?

Luna : I would love to be an international model and study at the same time. If I succeed on reconciling both work and studies, I should say that I have achieved my goal and realized my dream. My mom has an important role in my life, she was a model , and she is trying to help me on each step of my life, it will also be thanks to her If I succeed.

3 comentarios:

Peke2010 dijo...

Pues yo le veo futuro a Luna...mucha suerte!!


Clara Turbay dijo...

me gusta tu estilo y lo como lo presenas en este espacio.

StyleKULTUR dijo...

Wonderful model!